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3G module
Ideal device for people who work outside the office, spend a lot of time with their children in parks and playgrounds or use public transport without WI-FI connection.
Portable HOTSPOT
GOCLEVER TAB M813G can act as mobile hotspots, sharing their wireless data connection with several devices. Turn on portable Wi-Fi hotspot to improve your mobile computing experience. You can share internet connection between devices you or your friends have.
Voice call supported
Use your tablet to make phone calls. Just insert your SIM card and call like your cell phone. Take your business and entertainment with you anywhere.
GPS function
Build-in A-GPS Receiver change your tablet into navigation device.
  • Všetky parametre, obrázky a fotografie podliehajú zmenám bez predchádzajúceho upozornenia.
  • Prosím, poraďte sa so svojím dodavateľom ohľadom presnej ponuky. Produkty nemusia byť dostupné na všetkých trhoch.
  • Farba PCB a verzia pribaleného softwaru možu býť bez predchádzajúceho upozornenia zmenené.
  • Názvy produktov a ochranné známky sú registrované ochranné známky príslušných spoločností.
  • Niektoré funkcie, aplikácie a služby niesú k dispozícii vo všetkých oblastiach a jazykových verziách.
SIZE 8''
CPU MediaTek MT8377 1.2GHz (Cortex A9)
MARKET Market with Apps
PREINSTALLED APPS Multimedia players (music, video, gallery, ebook), calculator, notepad, social networking services, browser, email client, file manager
WI-FI Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)
3G Built-in 3G MT6162
BLUETOOTH Bluetooth 4.0
SD CARD READER micro SD up to 32GB
USB microUSB OTG (charging by USB)
HDMI Not available
DC Not available
AUDIO OUT 3.5mm audio and mic jack
FRONT 0.3 Mpix
BACK 2.0 Mpix
SENSORS G sensor
GPS GPS Mediatek MT6620
TV TUNER Not available
FM RADIO Not available
AVERAGE INTERNET USAGE TIME up to 5 h of working
DIMENSIONS 198x150x9 mm
WEIGHT 426 g
ACCESSORIES home charger, USB cable, OTG cable
EAN NUMBER 5906736056296
  • Všetky parametre, obrázky a fotografie podliehajú zmenám bez predchádzajúceho upozornenia.
  • Prosím, poraďte sa so svojím dodavateľom ohľadom presnej ponuky. Produkty nemusia byť dostupné na všetkých trhoch.
  • Farba PCB a verzia pribaleného softwaru možu býť bez predchádzajúceho upozornenia zmenené.
  • Názvy produktov a ochranné známky sú registrované ochranné známky príslušných spoločností.
  • Niektoré funkcie, aplikácie a služby niesú k dispozícii vo všetkých oblastiach a jazykových verziách.


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User manual (slovak) 1.33 MB
Aktualizácia manuálu
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Potvrdenie o zhode
Declaration of conformity 0.25 MB
How to retrieve free maps that I have lost after factory reset?

Go to our dedicated server using this address: and follow the instructions: 
1. find the serial number that your device has (you can find it on the device or on the box),
2. find the name of your device,
3. choose the correct zip file from the server (for example: file can be used for all F450Q smartphones with serial numbers starting from GCF450Q1306xxxx),
4. download zip file,
5. unpack zip file,
6. copy entire Dontpanic-GoClever folder to your device using USB cable.

Why my preinstalled maps stop working after I put in the device the SD memory card?

You have two solutions to choose: 1. Make a copy of “Dontpanic-GoClever” folder from the internal memory to the SD memory card. 2. Change the setting by following the steps: “Settings” -> ”Memory from SD card into Internal Memory”

How to install aero2 SIM CARD ?

Simply follow these instructions: 1) Choose Settings App., 2) Tap 'More' and 'Mobile Networks', 3) Choose 'Access Point Names' option, 4) Press a bottom left phisical button to add 'New APN', 5) Provide the name: 'aero2' and the APN: 'darmowy', 6) Press 'back' button.

How to optimalize the battery usage and achieve its maximum capacity?

 There are a several interesting tips which help you:

Turn off WiFi and 3G functions if you do not use them at the moment.
Minimise use of location services.
Turn off or limit push notifications.
Delete downloaded apps which you already do not use.
Adjust brightness.
Optimalize your email refreshing settings.

How much the Real RAM memory does my device have?

RAM memory consists of two parts: the visible and the hidden for the User. Android settings inform about the visible one. Invisible memory is used by the device to carry out the Android system processes.

Why the FLASH memory in devices' settings is different from the specifications?

Devices’ FLASH Memory (and PC’s Hard Drive as well) is different from the formatted one as a result of preparation of the device for use. So the User receives already formatted device. FLASH memory is divided into three main parts: the first one is designed for data management and the Android operating system, while the other two parts constitute a place for apps and the space for videos, photos, music and other documents. 

How to connect to my 3G network?

Simply follow the instructions: 1. Go to 'Settings', 2. In ‘Wireless & Networks’ tap on 'More' 3. Tap on 'networks' 4. Tap on ‘access points’ 5. Select ‘data connection’ 6. Select Your network (e.g T-moblie Orange etc.) 7. Again tap on „acces points” 8. Select Your network (e.g T-moblie Orange etc) 9. Tap on APN type 10. Set a default option

My GOCLEVER tablet does not react well, it is freezing, work much slower than normal or does not responding at all. What to do?

We recommend to restart your device using turn on/off button (pressing 3-4 sec) or reset button (with a pointed object).

Why does a G-SENSOR keep not responding?

Check in device’s Setting if this option is on. You could calibrate your device using ‘Settings’ / ‘Display’ or Gravity Calibration App (optional). Be aware that our offer includes models without this option.

Why is my device discharging faster than before?

The built-in battery is an operational component of the device. It is natural that its capacity shall be subject to reduction for long-time of usage.

How to download free applications from the Application Market?

In order to download free apps from the Application Market you should login or create Google Account firstly. Be aware that some of applications are paid.  

How to use some external devices (mouse, keyboard, modem, pendrive)?

To connect an external accessory / peripheral to the tablet should be equipped with USB OTG port. Please be aware, that not every GOCLEVER TAB offers this option. Go to to read a technical specification of your GOCLEVER TAB in details. 

How to connect my device with the other via Bluetooth?

To turn on a Bluetooth option you should open ‘Settings’ and move ‘Bluetooth’ to ‘ON’ position (just like Wi-Fi). Please be aware, that not every tablet/phone offers this option. 

Why does the device cannot connect with the Wi-Fi network?

Make sure that Wi-Fi function in your device is working. Then check that a Wi-Fi Internet source works perfectly. The distance between wireless router and your device should be within a few meters and please make sure that there is no wall or any other barriers between them. 

Why does the temperature of the device seems a little too high sometimes?

It is natural that the device warms up slightly while long-time usage without a break or while charging. 

Why does the updating process take too much time than usual starting?

While updating a device’s software downloaded from GOCLEVER website or via OTA app it need some more time than usually. Do not break the processing which takes 2-3 minutes to make sure that finish properly. 

How to improve my device (built-in operating system) using the dedicated software update?

Some of our tablets can be improved thanks to our original software updates based on In the ZIP file you can find the software file and the update manual. Please read the software’s descriptions carefully, as the listed files can be different depending on the model and serial numbers. 

I am going to lend my device to my friend. How could I delete all my private files/apps and Google Accounts personal details?

You should use ‘Factory reset’ function available in the ‘Settings’ App. The factory reset will help if your application causes the inappropriate operation of your device. Note, that all your files will be lost, so we suggest to copy them to the other device (pendrive, PC etc.). 

Can I easily removed the screen protector from the device?

In order to ensure tablet’s screen stays scratch-free during transport we use a screen protector. It can be easily removed if you find you don't like it. 

How to update the tablet automatically via OTA app?

You can keep your tablet up to date thanks to free software updates available via OTA (over-the-air) system. Just open OTA application on your tablet and choose ‘ONLINE UPDATE’ button. The application will scan the server in search of new updates. If the process succeed the application would ask your permission and start downloading. To start the installation just tap ‘yes’ and wait a few seconds – the tablet will restart and run the installation automatically. In case of server error you have still a possibility to update your tablet on a standard basis via PC (using files available on our website) or tapping the ‘LOCAL UPDATE’ button placed in OTA application. ‘LOCAL UPDATE’ button opens ‘File Manager’ application. You should just choose the particular file (downloaded previously from our website) and start installation. NOTE: Some of our tablets are not equipped with OTA application. Therefore you need to make updates via PC using files available on our website.

Can I charge my device throught the non-GOCLEVER charger?

Please note that only use an authorized charger (included) as incorrect voltage /am page can damage the GOCLEVER TAB, invalidating your guarantee.

How to charge the device for the first time?

When the device is used for the first time we recommend you charge it for around 8-12 hours using the power adaptor provided and do not disconnect the charger until a device is fully charged. User can charge the battery when there is still power left. Note that while charging it is normal that both charger and tablet is heating up. If you hardly ever use the tablet, we recommend to charge it at least one per month to maintain a battery life.

What to do while first start?

 When you switch on your tablet first time, the ‘wizard menu’ will guide you to configure your tablet and prepare it to the full use. Just choose your local / native language and then follow the successive instructions. You are able to log in the Google (or create a new Gmail account), configure your network standards, enter the user name etc. Note, that some of our tablets do not use 'wizard menu' during first start. I that case, you need to configure it manually using 'Settings' options.

How to find the local symbols (ą,ć,ó) on the Android keyboard?

To use local/national symbols just press and hold an appropriate letter till the selection menu emerges. For example: press "e" to emerge "ę".

How to install apps saved on the external microSD card?

You can install Android app on your tablet using SD CARD (not included). Simply download the applications/files on SD memory card and insert it into the tablet. Afterwards open ‘ES File Explorer’ App and install app following the instructions.

Should I create a Gmail account?

Your Free Google Account is your key to updating your Android device. Logging into your Google Account you are up to date with your e-mails and you are able to download thousands of applications (free and paid) from the Internet App Store, sync your calendar and much more. If you already have your Google Mail you can use the existing login & password. If you don’t have any, you can easily set up a new account using your GOCLEVER TAB/Settings/Accounts&Sync/Add Account. You need an Internet access if you want to create an account or log in.

How to cut, copy and paste the text occured in the screen?

A handy tip with Android is to cut, copy and paste, allowing you to grab text from one app to another. Tap and hold text you want to copy and if required use the blue handles to adjust the highlighted section. Then touch ‘Cut or Copy’ in the top right corner. To ‘Replace’ some text tap what you want to replace, then touch ‘Replace’. To ‘Paste’ tap where you want to paste, then touch ‘Paste’. 

Why does my tablet keep turning on while charging?

It is caused by hardware solutions. It will not damage your device. You can still charge your tablet safely when it is turning on. When the charging is finished you can turn off your device without any problems.

Why do some our devices show “usb storage unexpectedly removed” when 3G modem is connected to the tablet without SD card inserted?

The main reason of the problem is that the Android system recognizes a flash memory (sd card), but cannot detect an additional info about a disk (because there is no sd card). Modem functionality is working, There is no reason for anxiety.

Can I charge my tablet/smartphone via PC or netbook?

 To charge your tablet/fone safely and faster use a dedicated home charger which is enclosed in the box.

How to solve the problem with charging?

Simply discharge the tablet to zero and then charge it using a dedicated home charger. You must always give this battery a full charge. Note that, to keep the battery long life you should use the device regularly and at least ones a month you should give it a full charge. If you use the device occassionally it should be kept charged between 40% and 60%.

How can I test a GPS signal on my mobile device?

The GPS Test app for Android is a utility that shows GPS information read from your smartphones and tablets internal GPS. Simply download the app, turn on the GPS location on your device (in the Settings) and open the GPS TEST app.

Why the GPS function doesn't working (catching the fix)?

While the first use, the GPS receiver needs more time to catch the nav signal. Simply turn on the GPS in the Settings and hold your device outside for a several minutes. During the next usage, the mobile device will start working faster.